Courses & Tuition

This section gives a brief overview of the courses run by First Class Learning Ilford. If you have further questions about our courses and services please call us on 07738 766795 or email us at [email protected]

The First Class Learning Maths programme is designed to equip your child with the fundamental skills required for success in school mathematics. Using a range of resources, it covers all the essential areas of the school national curriculum:

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  • Introduction to Numbers
  • Fractions, Decimals and Percentages
  • Addition and Subtraction
  • Algebra
  • Multiplication and Division
  • Shape, Space & Measure

Each of these topics is divided into modules with specific learning outcomes to reflect the requirements of the school curriculum. Your child will be guided through these modules in a manner appropriate to his or her needs and learning style. This approach ensures growing confidence and success.

The First Class Learning English programme draws on a variety of materials, including books, worksheets and tapes. Essentially a synthetic phonics programme, it follows principles, which make it ideal for all learners. The programme takes a multi sensory approach, enabling all children – whatever their learning style or ability – to develop the key skills, which will allow them to read fluently, spell accurately and write confidently.

  • Handwriting
  • Grammar & Punctuation
  • Vocabulary Extension
  • Planning & Independent Writing
  • Comprehension
  • Reading & Spelling
YearsKey stageExams
1 & 21KS1 SATs, April/May of Yr.2Classroom based, small groups with class teacher
3, 4, 5 & 62KS2 SATs, May of Yr.6External markers; eg. retired or part-time teachers. Some results are usually out by first week of July; 2 weeks later for English
7, 8 & 93KS3 SATs now discontinuedInternal school assessments
10 & 114GCSE, May/June Yr.11, or Modular GCSE, Jan,May/JunGCSE Results last week of August
12 & 135GCE AS and A2 Modular exams during year.Final results by third week of August

Initial Assessment

Before your child commences study with First Class Learning, he or she will be assessed by your Centre Manager: Raadia Fatima BA (Hons), PGCE, holding a QTS (Qualified Teacher Status) and has an enhanced CRB. This assessment will help to determine the specific needs of your child and ensure a suitable starting point in the course.

The Learning Centre

Once enrolled, your child can attend the Study Centre on a regular basis. At the Study Centre, he or she will complete a short piece of maths and/or English which will be marked and returned. Your child will have the opportunity to discuss his or her work with your Centre Manager. Each visit to the Study Centre should take between 25 and 30 minutes.


At the Study Centre, your Centre Manager will carry out regular assessments of your child’s progress. The results of these assessments will be discussed with you and your child, and will help to form a clearer picture of your child’s progress and projections for future study.

Independent Learning

At the Study Centre, your child will be encouraged to take the initiative in tackling problems and tasks. Of course, guidance and assistance will be given when required, but at FCL, we believe that the ability to think independently is as important as the content of the courses. Your child will not be ‘taught’ in the traditional sense. Instead, they will learn how to learn, and learn how to succeed.


At each visit to the Study Centre your child will be given a detailed programme of homework to be completed before the next class. The homework plays a vital role in your child’s progress by ensuring constant consolidation of the skills learned at the Study Centre.

The homework is marked by the parent (answer books are provided!). All students should look upon the homework they receive as a weekly task – not a daily grind! They may choose to do a small amount each day, or in two or three sessions over the course of the week.

Working together with your child will ensure that you are fully aware of the work your child is doing and the progress being made. It will also give you the opportunity to support and encourage your child in their studies, raising confidence and self-esteem. This interaction between parent and child plays a central role in the success of the student.

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